Check-in Rewards = Free Comics!

Good news for those with smartphones or portable tablets – you can pick up a free comic book every week when you stop in to the store and “check-in” on your device!

Here are details:

  • You can check-in at our store ONCE PER WEEK to receive a free comic from our Dollar Menu. Just remember to “check in” on Facebook during your weekly visit to the store, show the confirmation on your phone to the sales clerk, and choose your free comic!
  • The free comic can be any of the choice available from our #1 “Dollar Menu” reprint rack – these are QUALITY comics – proven best-sellers – that the various publishers keep in print to expand their exposure.  Summit has dozens and dozens of different titles, with more arriving every month.  You can also choose an issue from our back-issue boxes, which are also all priced at $1.
  • Our check-in service You can do this every week, for as long as we keep this offer running – a great way to try out new comics for free.
  • This offer is good with ANY PURCHASE. You do have to buy something to qualify -even if it’s just another dollar book.

If you are still one of the stand-up citizens of this country who refuses to admit yourself to Facebook, or you don’t have a really cool phone that will perform this act, you have our sincere apologies – that’s one reason we didn’t really glamorize the offer too much more (like giving away free cars, which was our first idea). We don’t want those who are techno-disinclined to feel like they are getting hosed.

But if you DO have an iPhone, or an Android, or a tablet-thingy, or whatever – make sure you check in while you’re at our store each week!