Comic buying program

While Summit is not usually in the practice of buying comic back issues, our own supply starts to dwindle from time to time, and it’s during such times that we’ll activate the Summit Comic Buying Program. Be sure to call before you come into the store with books to sell, but when the program is in effect, here’s is the offer:

We will buy your back issues in one of these two ways, your choice:  10 CENTS CASH per issue, or 25 CENTS store credit per issue.  Additionally, we are also taking trade paperbacks (but not manga), for ONE DOLLAR CASH per book, or TWO DOLLARS STORE CREDIT per book.  This is regardless of the listed cover price of any given comic or softcover book.  The comic books need to be in at least very good condition, prefer near mint of course, but we know they won’t be perfect if you’ve read them a couple of times.  Same goes for the books.

We are NOT purchasing valuable back issues for resale – this offer is flat, across the board, for the purpose of restocking our Value Reading sections of the store.  So don’t bring us your mint copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 – you’ll still get a dime for it!

We also reserve the right to refuse a purchase if there are too many, or if we’ve already bought so much in the last few days that our stock levels are where we want them to be.  So if you have a big box of stuff you’re planning on bringing to us, it might be a good idea to call ahead and see where we’re at.

So those are the fine-print details of the offer.  This offer is effective immediately for the general public, come one, come all.  For some of you, this may help subsidize your next week of comic book purchases or your next board game.  For some of you, it may subsidize much more!  If you have questions about the terms we have proposed, I’ll go into a little more detail about the reasons behind our offer…

Now, I’ll be honest – I know this isn’t much of a return for a comic book you may have paid $2.99 for, or a trade paperback you may have paid $15 for.  This offer is primarily for those people who have boxes of back issues piling up at their houses, know they won’t get you anything on Ebay, and you just need to clear out space and want to get SOMETHING for your comics.  But I want to offer this breakdown of our efforts that go into these purchases also, and why our offer has to be what it is.

There’s bags-and-boards.  Maybe the comics you bring us will be in them, maybe they won’t.  But for each comic book we have to bag-and-board, because that’s how we sell our back issues, our cost goes up XX cents apiece.  There’s also the retail issue of cash-flow. For every random comic book that we buy, there’s a good chance that it may sit 6 months to a year before it sells. There’s also a chance it never sells.  We take that chance when we buy it, and we also pay the cash, knowing that we won’t see a return on that investment for, on average, quite a while.

Plus, if you really want to get into the nitty gritty of this stuff, back issues are the sort of high-margin item that we NEED to make an extra buck on, because we have far too many other items in the store that are more low-margin, so that our prices are competitive.  They also help offset product that never sells – for example, most of the comics that we currently have in the One Dollar Back Issue bins, are issues that we actually paid much more than a buck for, way back when.  So making extra money on some $1 issues helps to subsidize a lot of other things that we try to keep affordable for you.

Hope that answers your questions!  Thanks for reading!