Cheap Comics!

Here at Summit, we’re here to serve everybody.  From the rich banker/CEO/lawyer who wants to drop $500 a week on comic books (you are always welcome here), to the minimum-wage workers who make this economy steam ahead, and only have a couple of bucks a week to try and scrape together some graphic entertainment (so are you!)

So below are some of the more, shall we say, “frugal” options we have for buying comics at Summit:

First up is an area we’re quite proud of  – $6 Trades/$10 Hardcovers! We have a couple of bookshelves full of trade paperbacks that we’re all too happy to sell to you at just $6 apiece (not to mention the hardcovers at $10 each).  It’s mostly there because we feel its full-price selling window has closed, or because of overstock. We’re not going to lie – you won’t find the latest book of Saga there, or any of our proven best-sellers, but there is plenty of good material to find on these bookshelves, and at six-ten bucks, you’ll certainly get some a good deal on some stuff for your bookshelf at home!

If you’re a fan of getting the “whole story”, but you prefer to read your comics in their original issue form, you might be a fan of our grab bags! We have two options here – we have the completely random packages of comic books – 20 issues for $6 bucks.  No telling exactly what will be in there, but we do guarantee a #1 issue, and that we will diversify the characters within so that you have a wide range of stories to read in there.

Dollar Back-Issues! Around mid-2007 we made the move to make all of our back issues only a dollar, so that we could move through them quicker, and thus put more stuff out for sale.  At these great prices, the stock seems to rotate constantly, so it’s always a good time to sift through and see what new might have been added to these boxes since you last came in.  And at just a buck, it makes it a lot cheaper to try out something new, or to get your comics fix for the week even though you have that bill to fix your car’s transmission… ugh.

One Dollar Reprints!  One of the more effective marketing tactics that the Big Two Publishers have employed in the last few years was the idea of One Dollar Comics.  While back-issues are always a dollar at Summit, this idea from DC & Marvel involved taking some of their most high-profile, most popular comic book series and reprinting the very first issue to be sold for just a buck.  Simple concept, smart marketing.  It became a fantastic way for our customers to try out new titles for very cheap – if you bought something and you liked it, then we certainly had more to sell you, and if you DIDN’T like it – well, you were only out 100 cents.

And it’s not just the Big Two, but the rest of the publishing world as well – Image, IDW, Dynamite  & many others are making some of their best material available to try for a dollar.  These days it’s quite easy to walk out of Summit with some fantastic new things to try every week, for just a couple of bucks.