Kids’ Comics

While our downtown customer base has proven to be decidedly adult, we’ve found that quite a few of these grown-ups have kids that are also fostering a love for comics, and so our children’s section of comics is a very important part of our business.

From traditional superheroes like Batman and Spider-Man, to some of the characters that adults have grown old with like Archie and the Muppets, plus an entire line of books from Disney that focus on character lines like Cars, Toy Story, and Darkwing Duck, there are SO many choices of comic books for kids to read.  These books are written for younger readers, so the content is suitable, and the dialogue is meant to be consumed by both parents and children who are learning to read.

And since so many of these comic books come out on a monthly basis, and there are new issues coming out each week for different series, they create a great opportunity for kids and their parents, to have something to look forward to doing together on a regular basis.

Be sure and ask us when you come in where we keep the kids books.  While many of the comic books on our shelves can be perused safely by teens or even younger readers, the issues and books in our children’s section are all written, drawn, and specifically marketed for the very young comic book fans, and can be safely counted on to provide kid-safe entertainment!