In-Store Subscriptions

 Although we do our best to order enough shelf copies of our comics to serve every customer, we recognize that our numbers are not always perfect. We also have many customers who are not able to make the weekly visit to the store. For both of these reasons, we have set up our own subscription program at Clem’s to give us both peace of mind that you won’t miss out on the issues you’re looking for!

We have tried to design the program here to work as effectively as possible for both our customers and the store – if you have any questions about a rule or policy, please ask us! We’ll be happy to explain the hows and whys behind our madness.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, many of our customers have chosen to manage their subscriptions with us online!  There is a service called Comixology we offer to our customers that will allow you to preview all incoming products and choose certain titles or issues you want to have held for you.  Any changes you make to your lists are automatically e-mailed to us at the store on a daily basis!  So you can now manage all of your comic-book wishes online without having to fill out any forms or make changes to your list with us in-store.  And when you visit us to pick up your books, everything you ordered should be waiting for you.

Of course, if you choose to use our online service, you are not limited to using it exclusively.  You can still call us up, email us directly, or just casually mention when you stop by, “Hey, I think I’d like to give that new comic by Ed Brubaker a try”.  And we’ll get you fixed right up!  For the old-school among us, you can still do all of your business with us face-to-face if that’s what you prefer.

We do NOT require a credit card for this service, we do NOT charge any monthly or annual fee, we offer this service ABSOLUTELY FREE.  We only have a few ground rules that we ask our customers to respect:

1) If you drop a title, and you still have some issues of that title in your pull box, we ask that you still purchase these.  These are comics that Clem’s has already ordered based on your decision to order, and we ask that you keep your end of the bargain.   This goes for anything that you preorder – once we have ordered the product for you, we expect that it will be purchased.

 2) You absolutely CAN grab an issue or book from our store floor, and drop it into your pull box, so that we will hold it for you and you can purchase it at a later time.  But please see rule #1 concerning these types of transactions.  We will probably re-order a book if you remove it from our floor stock, so we expect that it will be purchased once it goes into your pull box.

3) Product that is placed in your pull box, needs to be purchased within 5 weeks.  We’ll send you an email around week 4 to make sure you’re still interested in the service.  We unfortunately don’t have the financial wiggle room to wait longer than 5 weeks for most product to turn around.   But if you have any extraneous circumstances at all (like a rough financial patch or maybe you can’t make it to the store once a month), just talk to us, and we’ll be more than happy to work with you. All we need is communication.

4) Pretty much ANYTHING in Previews is fair game for orders – toys, statues, shirts, magazines, if it’s in Previews, we can get it for you, and the full Previews catalog is available to order through the online interface at Comixology.  If it’s an item that is a little more expensive, or that we might not otherwise choose to carry, we may ask you to place a down payment on the item.

Done reading the fine print?  Ready to get started with the online service?  Just HIT THIS LINK and hit the “Connect” button at Comixology to begin pulling comics at our store!  (You’ll have to create a Comixology account first if you don’t have one!)  And if you’d prefer to do all of your business with us face-to-face, just stop in anytime and tell the staff on duty that you’d like to start a pull.

If you want to make note of the bookmark you’ll use for all your online management, it is at