banner You’ve been waiting breathlessly, no doubt.  Free Comic Book Day may, on the surface, seem like a good day to stop into the shop, pick up a few free things, and head out, but we usually stock the day with PLENTY of other things to see and do, so read on to get the full scope of our plans!

SATURDAY, MAY 4TH – 8am to 6pm

plume1 Artists – As we usually do, we have several local artists scheduled to be with us throughout the day.   It’s always a treat to see the artwork that these folks can put together – they typically will have prints or other work to show off or sell, and they can whip up a quick sketch or personalized drawing for your kids too!  We’re really proud of the local talent we have in Michigan, and the fact that these folks are willing every year to put in some time at our store and have some fun with us.

This year we’re excited to host Dean Stahl, Shereif AbouElSeoud, Adam Talley, Ryan Claytor, Marc Wolfe & a new face to Clem’s, Kari Smith (whose new book, PLUME, is on our shelves right now – she will be signing copies of #1 on Free Comic Book Day!)

Comics – Lots of free comic books!  Contrary to popular belief, however, it is not as easy as just running through our store, picking whatever you want off our shelves for free.  Each of the major publishers sells us 1 or 2 exclusive comic books for this national event, and then WE give them away for free!  There will be designated tables full of the free stuff available, both in our store, and next door at Downtown Subs where we will have many of our other attractions set up.  You can see all of the free comics that will be available at the official national website of Free Comic Book Day,  Please note that not ALL of the different offerings will be at Clem’s, but we do our best to order a huge variety that will appeal to all of our customers.

marvelous Sales – We try to offer some special deals on certain products every year for the masses that come to visit, and this year will be no different.   One book in particular that we we will have ridiculously cheap is this one – The Marvelous Land of Oz.  It’s a beautiful all-ages book collecting the 8-issue mini-series that adapts Frank L Baum’s original classic!  Normally priced at $29.99, you’ll be able to grab this book for TEN BUCKS on Free Comic Book Day!

There will be more deals, likely on certain games or value-priced graphic novels – we’re still working out the specifics and you can see what we decided when you come in that day!

Door Prizes – As usual, we will have special comic book cover variants and other things to give away to random people who come in the door on FCBD, depending on if you are lucky customer #50, #100, #150, #500… perhaps #1,000? , or any other random numbering that we will choose.  Good luck!

Pictionary – Each of our customers on FCBD will have an opportunity to duel our special Master of Pictionary.  If you guess his poor artistic impressions correctly, you will win another free comic book on top of the ones you’ve already collected!

free-iron-man-3-small Heroclix Giveaway & Demo – Every year Wizkids Games offers a free exclusive Heroclix figure for Free Comic Book Day, and EVERY YEAR, without fail, we run out of them!  We will have them again this year, but you will need to ask at the counter for yours – we need to insure that our regular Heroclix players will have a shot at them before they all disappear!  Just ask at the counter for yours when you come in that day.  Don’t know what Heroclix is?  It’s only THE most engaging game using popular superhero licenses to EVER exist.  That may sound like an exaggeration, but Heroclix has been around for almost 10 years now, and it’s probably the most popular game to this day, that we sell at Clem’s.  We will have a table set up to demonstrate this awesome game, in Downtown Subs, from 11am to 1pm.

Kids Coloring Table – We will have a kids table set up at Downtown Subs where your little ones can occupy themselves with coloring pictures of Batman & the Avengers, while you browse the store or grab some lunch.  We’re adding some extra incentive for the kids this year – they can even turn in their colored picture for an extra comic book, and later we’ll have all of them up on display in the store for a month!

Free Snacks – Everybody loves cookies!  We’ve been fortunate to have the spouses of Clem’s staff donate their baking skills to feed our customers when they come in every year for Free Comic Book Day, and they’ve agreed to do so again this year!  We will also have bottled water to give out, to tide you over until it’s time for your downtown lunch.  Speaking of which…

Lunch Specials – Downtown Subs is offering a FREE FOUNTAIN BEVERAGE to anyone who shows a Clem’s receipt at their counter during Free Comic Book Day.  That’ll make your lunch tab come in a little cheaper.  Plus, you can go down to Deckers Coffee, show your receipt there, and get a FREE SMALL COFFEE.  How about that for value-adds for your Clem’s purchase that day?

The 501st Legion: Great Lakes Garrison – Last year we had Darth Vader, and a few of his storm troopers, stop by the store for Free Comic Book Day, and it was AWESOME.  This year, with National Star Wars Day also falling on May 4th, the Capital Area District Library (just down the street) is hosting several great activities to commemorate Star Wars Day, and some of our favorite costumed characters will be down there for most of the day.  But we are told that we will still be getting a visit from these folks later in the day, all courtesy of the 501st Garrison of Michigan!   Visit their website here.

SO… as you can see, there’s a lot going on!  You can email us at with any questions – otherwise, see you Saturday!!