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You’ve been waiting breathlessly, no doubt.  Free Comic Book Day may, on the surface, seem like a good day to stop into the shop, pick up a few free things, and head out, but we usually stock the day with PLENTY of other things to see and do, so read on to get the full scope of our plans!

SATURDAY, MAY 3RD – 8am to 6pm

2013-05-04 12.14.15Artists – As we usually do, we have several local artists scheduled to be with us throughout the day.   It’s always a treat to see the artwork that these folks can put together – they typically will have prints or other work to show off or sell, and they can whip up a quick sketch or personalized drawing for your kids too!  We’re really proud of the local talent we have in Michigan, and the fact that these folks are willing every year to put in some time at our store and have some fun with us.

This year we’re excited to host Jason Howard, Ryan Claytor, Adam Talley, Sherief AbouElSeoud, Dean Stahl, Daniel Hogan & Jason Strutz back to Clem’s!   Jason Howard has a new book coming later in May called TREES, and we’re excited to have him back after a couple years away.

Comics – Lots of free comic books!  Contrary to popular belief, however, it is not as easy as just running through our store, picking whatever you want off our shelves for free.  Each of the major publishers sells us 1 or 2 exclusive comic books for this national event, and then WE give them away for free!  There will be designated tables full of the free stuff available, both in our store, and next door at Downtown Subs where we will have many of our other attractions set up.  You can see all of the free comics that will be available at the official national website of Free Comic Book Day, http://www.freecomicbookday.com.  Please note that not ALL of the different offerings will be at Clem’s, but we do our best to order a huge variety that will appeal to all of our customers.

rebornSales – We try to offer some special deals on certain products every year for the masses that come to visit, and this year will be no different.   One book in particular that we we will have ridiculously cheap is this one – the Captain America Reborn hardcover. After Captain America was thought dead in the comics in 2010, writer Ed Brubaker (who invented the Winter Soldier story featured in this year’s movie, by the way) wrote this fantastic story about how Cap travels through time to get back to our reality.  This great hardcover book sells for $24.99, but on FCBD, we’ll have a stack of them for only NINE BUCKS!

There will be more deals, likely on certain games or value-priced graphic novels – we’re still working out the specifics and you can see what we decided when you come in that day!

Costume Contest – We’ve never done this before… and it felt like it was time!   We’re not generally too cosplay-heavy around Clem’s, but if you can’t have some fun with it on Free Comic Book Day, when can you?  We’ll be giving out prizes for the Greatest Creativity, the Greatest Effort, and just the Greatest – so 3 chances for you to win when you come to our store on May 3rd dressed as RoboCop (Peter Weller, not Joel Kinnaman, of course).  More details are here.

Door Prizes – As usual, we will have special comic book cover variants and other things to give away to random people who come in the door on FCBD, depending on if you are lucky customer #50, #100, #150, #500… perhaps #1,000? , or any other random numbering that we will choose.  Good luck!

3216655-watchmen_rorschachComic Book Movies Test! – Each of our customers on FCBD will have an opportunity to test their knowledge of comic book movies & actors, from recent theater hits to older made-for-TV movies.  From headliners like Iron Man, to obscure movies like The Spirit, you’ll have a chance to win an extra free comic if you can name the characters / actors that you see!  Study up!

Demo Games – Don’t know what Heroclix is?  It’s only THE most engaging game using popular superhero licenses to EVER exist.  That may sound like an exaggeration, but Heroclix has been around for almost 10 years now, and it’s probably the most popular game to this day, that we sell at Clem’s.  We will have a table set up to demonstrate this awesome game, in Downtown Subs, from 10am to 1pm.  Then, from 1pm to 4pm, be sure to stop back and check out ANOTHER new comic-book-based collectible game that we think is going to catch fire – it’s the MARVEL DICE: AVENGERS VS X-MEN game.  It’s hot off the presses, too – it will be here right at the end of April, and we’ll be showing it off on Free Comic Book Day!

Captain-America--Inked-by-corvus1970Kids Coloring Table – We will have a kids table set up at Downtown Subs where your little ones can occupy themselves with coloring pictures of Captain America, while you browse the store or grab some lunch.  We’re adding some extra incentive for the kids this year – they can even turn in their colored picture for an extra comic book, and later we’ll have all of them up on display in the store for a month!

Raffle – Another fine tradition at Clem’s is to raffle off a bunch of really nice merchandise on FCBD.  Make sure you fill out a slip when you come in the front door, and if you leave us your email address to be placed on our mailing list, you get TWO entries!

Free Snacks – Everybody loves cookies!  We’ve been fortunate to have the spouses of Clem’s staff donate their baking skills to feed our customers when they come in every year for Free Comic Book Day, and they’ve agreed to do so again this year!  We will also have bottled water to give out, to tide you over until it’s time for your downtown lunch.  Speaking of which…

61TmuB 2QcL._SL1500_Lunch Specials – Downtown Subs is offering a FREE FOUNTAIN BEVERAGE to anyone who shows a Clem’s receipt at their counter during Free Comic Book Day.  That’ll make your lunch tab come in a little cheaper.   How about that for a value-add for your Clem’s purchase that day?  And in other promotional news, the Capital Area District Library will be here most of the day to give away some cool logo’d stuff and talk about some of the great family programs they have coming up this summer.

The 501st Legion: Great Lakes Garrison – Every year we had Darth Vader, and a few of his storm troopers, stop by the store for Free Comic Book Day, and it’s AWESOME.  This year, with National Star Wars Day also coming in on Sunday, May 4th, the Capital Area District Library (just down the street) is hosting several great activities to commemorate Star Wars Day, and some of our favorite costumed characters will be down there for part of the day.  But the Great Lakes Garrison will be migrating several of their costumed folks down to our store throughout the day!   Visit their website here.

SO… as you can see, there’s a lot going on!  You can email us at clemslansing@gmail.com with any questions – otherwise, see you Saturday!!