Lansing Board Gamers

WHAT:  Lansing Board Gamers monthly meetup
WHEN:  1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month
COST:  FREE event
PRIZES:  The reward of playing games with others – typically a great place to meet new gamers and try out new games, as everyone brings their own massive board game collections.

We’re really thrilled to welcome the Lansing Board Gamers back to Summit in 2013.  The LBG is a club of local players who try to get together twice a month for no other purpose but to exchange pleasantries, catch up with each other, and PLAY BOARD GAMES!  The group has been going strong for years, and you don’t need a membership card – all you have to do is come in and play games!

You are welcome to bring your own if there is something you really have been dying to play with others, but of course, you also have the quite-extensive demo shelf full of games here at Summit, and most of the veterans of the LBG will usually arrive toting their own duffel bags full of games, so there’s no shortage of options.  Just come and relax.  And of course, our friends at Firehouse Subs can offer you a healthy lunch, some unhealthy snacks, and an all-you-can-drink soda cup.  Plus, if you’re there to play with the Club, you can pick up board games that day at 10% off our marked price (that is, if you want to bypass the splendid Summit Board Game Club, where you can save up to 20%!).

The LBG will be with us indefinitely on a monthly basis, so keep checking back to see when the next date is!