Here at Summit, the one collectible game that we have been on board with from Day One is Heroclix.  I still remember fondly the day we first received our 48-booster cases of the new superhero miniature game, May 2002’s Infinity Challenge (the first Marvel set).  We were delighted at the possibilities of this great new game, and the staff couldn’t help but impulsively buy pack after pack.  We’ve come a long ways since that day in the Lansing Mall (our store’s original nesting place).  We used to run tournaments over at Great Lakes Christian College, in their cafeteria.  We were able to participate in a few pre-releases in our Grand Ledge store, and then downtown, before that program was canned.  And even as Wizkids went through bankruptcy, and rumors of permanent death for our favorite game persisted for over a year, STILL we played Heroclix here at Summit.  And now here we are, 50 sets, over 5,000 different Heroclix figures later, and the game is alive and strong and we’re still in the thick of it.

We are currently running tournaments every Saturday morning at 10:00am – most of these tournaments are FREE, constructed events, backed by full unique prize support from Wizkids, along with occasional prize figures and packs from our store.  You’ll want to join and check in frequently with the Lansing-Area Heroclix group on Facebook, or check us out on our Wizkids site.  Our AWESOME Heroclix judge, Michael Macias, posts new unique scenarios for our tournaments every week. Michael has diligently run weekly Heroclix tournaments at Clem’s for over 10 years now, and his personality and charm will insure that you have a great time at every one of our tournaments.

We are also pleased to run the new “Storyline” format of tournaments that Wizkids is coming out with – check our website, especially the weekly newsletters, frequently for updates on these.

We also deal in Heroclix singles – we have boxes of commons, uncommons, and single rares available.  HEROCLIX RULES AT SUMMIT!