Magic the Gathering

magic-logoMagic the Gathering is one of Summit Comics and Games most popular games.

Not only do we maintain an active in-stock and trading list (below), but we also host a variety of Magic-related events in the Summit Base Camp:

  • Pre-Release Events – Summit participates in all MTG Pre-Release events – giving all interested players the opportunity to win prizes and see new cards before the rest of the world.
  • Tournaments – Summit also hosts the occasional MTG Tournamet – giving interested players the chance to show off their skills, learn new top-level strategies, and walk away with great prizes.

Magic In-Stock and Trading List

In an effort to make trading (AND buying) more convenient for our customers, we are now going to be regularly posting our inventory of Magic rare cards online.  We are always interested in stocking up to a full playset (4 copies) of each rare listed below, so if you see that we’re running low, you can bring your cards in to trade and have a rough idea of what you’ll get for them.  Just check the “Trade In” price for what you will get in store credit.  We also only take trade ins on Wednesday through Saturday. And of course, you can also use this list to see if we currently have any of the cards you’re looking for.  Enjoy!!

Note:  Right now, the cards listed below are the ONLY rares we are trading for.  This list will be expanded to include older sets as time goes by.