Star Wars Game Night

Summit Star Wars Game NightWhat Is It?

Star Wars Game Nights are for those who’d like to play any of the different Star Wars titles from Fantasy Flight Games! We tend to concentrate on Star Wars X-Wing (below), but all Star Wars titles are welcomed for open play!

When Is It?

Star Wars Game Night is held once per month – usually a Friday night from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm (ish) – in the Summit Base Camp. Visit our Calendar Page for current details prior to the event.

Join us on Friday, April 7th at 7:00 pm for a 100-point X-Wing tournament! It’s a three-round tournament with a $5 buy-in, with prizes coming in the form of store credit.  We are adding a special rule for the tournament which is that pilot skill doesn’t matter.  You can activate your ships in any order during both phases.  We will have equal activations, and destroyed ships will be removed at the end of each phase of the game turn.  We hope to see you all downtown then!

Most games can take about 15 minutes to learn, but are strategic enough for even the most competitive gamer – so bring your fleets/squads etc. (no fleets/squads etc.? – we may have extra) and settle in for a great evening of gaming!

More About the Game


Star Wars X-Wing GameIn Star Wars: X-Wing tournament play, players build a squad of 100 points, selecting from over 20 different ship types, and picking one of 3 factions. While building the squad, you select from many different pilots per ship, and then you can add extra weapons, modifications, or many other different upgrades. Your squad can consist of varying number of ships (a bunch of basic TIE fighters can put you at around 8) which all depend on the ship type and what is added to those ships.

There are 4 phases to the game:

  1. Planning- this is where players will pick a maneuver for each ship on the corresponding ship’s dial.
  2. Activation- Starting with the lowest pilot skill of all ships playing, reveal and then perform the maneuver of each ship. Some ships may also perform an action if not stressed.
  3. Combat- Starting with the highest pilot skill of all the ships playing, select a target within your firing arc, and roll your attack dice, while the target rolls their defense dice. Any hits scored that are not blocked damage the target, reducing shields before reducing hull points. Critical hits only count when damaging the hull.
  4. End- Clean up and get ready for the next round.

Play until the appointed time, or until only one player has ships left. There are also many different scenarios that come with the base game and some of the bigger expansions, that can increase variety instead of just doing dog fights to the death.

Tournaments are usually Swiss rounds with 75-minute time limits.