The Storm Has Arrived This Week At Summit

1. This Week’s New #1s

Wild Storm #1This week we’re leading off with the number ones because it’s a huge week for new comics! In WILD STORM #1, a troubled woman, barred by her employer from continuing her research, walks miserably through New York City. It takes her a moment to notice that everybody else is looking up. A man has been thrown from the upper floor of the Halo skyscraper. And that woman—Angela Spica, sick from the transhuman implants she’s buried in her own body— is the only person who can save him. What she doesn’t know is that the act of saving that one man will tip over a vast and secret house of cards that encloses the entire world, if not the inner solar system. This is how the Wild Storm begins, and it may destroy covert power structures, secret space programs and even all of human history.

In SUPER SONS #1, the sons of Batman and Superman have graduated to their own monthly comic-but if they want to survive, they’re going to have to share it! The newest chapter of Batwoman’s life begins here in BATWOMAN REBIRTH #1! Monster Venom is the hottest new bioweapon on the market… and to break up the syndicate spreading it around the world, Batwoman’s going to have to return to the place where she spent some of her darkest hours! Learn where Batwoman comes from, and where she’s going, in this one-shot prologue to the first big Batwoman epic, “The Many Arms Of Death”!

In DOCTOR STRANGE #1.MU, Doctor Strange gets sucked into the monster event of the year! Too bad for the Marvel Universe that Strange is at his lowest power levels. What’s a Sorcerer Supreme to do? Also, don’t miss TRUE BELIEVERS WOLVERINE X-23 #1!

2. This Week’s New Comics

Batman #17BATMAN #17 leads off DC COMICS this week, barricading himself within the walls of Arkham Asylum still might not keep Batman and his allies safe from Bane’s assault. Which one of Bruce’s loved ones will be torn from him next? A new epic begins in JUSTICE LEAGUE #15, when a mysterious young woman implores the Justice League join the fight against the Timeless, a cosmic threat they’ve never faced before-because it exists at different points throughout Earth’s history! Now, the Justice League must travel to both the past and the future in a literal race against time! In NIGHTWING #15, in the aftermath of the “Blüdhaven” story, Nightwing has embraced his role as the city’s resident hero and met a new love interest, leader of the Run-Offs-but is a relationship between a hero and an ex-villain destined for anything other than heartbreak? In SUPERMAN #17, Jon and Cathy go deep into the woods of Hamilton to find a horror that hungers for the new Superboy! Finally, in TRINITY #6, the horror that kept our heroes trapped in nightmares of their own making is now loose in the world, and it’s taking possession of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman! When the spawn of Mongul holds the keys to the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe no one is safe!

Invincible Iron ManIn MARVEL COMICS this week, with every issue Riri discovers more about what being a hero really means in this modern complicated world in INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #4. Her actions start to have a powerful effect across the world and the question is, is Riri ready to take on that responsibility? In OLD MAN LOGAN #18, can Logan escape the Brood and save the rest of Alpha Flight? What happened to Danny Cage and the Hulk Baby? Is Logan doomed to walk the Wastelands forever…or be trapped in the endless reaches of deep space? In UNCANNY X-MEN #18 IVX, with the mutant invasion of the Inhuman capital city now complete, Magneto seeks to lock it down by deploying his newly-acquired army of mutant sleepers. But will he take his mission a step too far?

Invincible #133INDIE COMICS features a special 25-cent issue of INVINCIBLE #133. This twelve-part mega-story will touch every corner of the INVINCIBLE Universe, and when it’s over… it’s over.  Every single story for the past thirteen years has been leading up to this. In THE WALKING DEAD #164, Maggie leads the survivors from the Hilltop to Alexandria… to see it overrun with the dead. The second arc keeps the hits coming in KILL OR BE KILLED #6, as Dylan realizes how close he may be to being caught by the NYPD. Also, in INVANDER ZIM #17, a perfect starting point for the Invader ZIM comics! ZIM’s latest doomsday device might actually work, and Dib is, as usual, powerless to stop it! But an unexpected ally might be just what the doctor ordered!

Don’t Forget – You can find the latest arrivals (or those on their way) via our Latest Arrivals page (live from Diamond).

Not sure what you’ll like? “Try before you buy” courtesy of the Comic Book Resources Previews site.

3. Special Events at Summit

Weekly Gaming at SummitSummit Comics and Games is happy to provide local gamers with the Summit Base Camp–a great place to play your favorite games! In addition to our open gaming hours, we hold regularly scheduled events for specific games ever week!

As always, more details can be found on our store calendar, but this week’s games at a glance are:

  • Wednesday, February 15 – Dice Masters, 6:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday, February 15 – D&D Encounters, 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, February 18 – HeroClix, 10:00 a.m.

As always, the latest gaming event dates and details are found on our store calendar.

Also, don’t forget about these upcoming events!

Star Wars Gaming feat. X-Wing – Don’t miss our monthly open gaming session for all-things Star Wars on Friday, March 3rd. This month, we will be emphasizing Star Wars Destiny with a standard Swiss tournament. $5 buy in, 35 minute games with the standard deck construction of up to 30 points in characters and exactly 30 cards in the deck, and one battlefield. Quarter one store kit up for grabs! All other games are still welcome. We hope to see you all downtown then!

Lansing Board Gamers –Every first and third Saturday of each month the Lansing Board Gamers host an open to the public board gaming event downtown at Summit that features a number different board games. Come on out and join us on February 18th from 1:00 – 9:00!

Pokémon Comes to Summit – Pokémon at Summit?! You bet! Join us on Saturday, February 25th and every other Saturday at 4:00 p.m. as we introduce the Pokémon TCG to downtown Lansing! All ages are welcome for some casual drop-in gameplay with organized events to come!

Stay Up To Date – Check our store calendar regularly for all the for all the latest gaming event dates and details as they become available!

4. New Graphic Novels & Collected Editions

Superman GNIn SUPERMAN ACTION COMICS VOLUME 1 PATH OF DOOM, Superman returns to Metropolis just in time to meet the city’s newest protector: Lex Luthor. But it’s not long before these dueling titans meet someone unexpected: Clark Kent?! The two archenemies must put aside their differences to face the common threat of Doomsday, as Jimmy Olsen and the staff of the Daily Planet try to uncover the truth: Who is the man claiming to be Clark Kent? In RICK AND MORTY VOLUME 4, catch up on the adventures of degenerate genius Rick Sanchez and his bumbling grandson Morty as they explore the outer reaches of time, space, and morality. Also, don’t miss ANGEL CATBIRD VOLUME 2 CASTLE CATULA, in which genetic engineer Strig Feleedus, also known as Angel Catbird, and his band of half-cats head to Castle Catula to seek allies as the war between cats and rats escalates.

Comics.Community Podcast5. Comics.Community Podcast

The Crew is back for Episode 70 of the Comics.Community podcast! In this episode, Mitch takes over as host as our panelists talk their favorite comic-based TV shows!! As always, Summit features the latest Comics.Community episodes on our Podcast Page.

6. New Nick-Knacks, Figures, and Misc. Goodies

We have tons of new POP figures this week, including FALLOUT, LOST, NARUTO, SOUTH PARK and WITCHER. Also, don’t miss the DC HARLEY QUINN MUGSHOT BUST or the DC HEROES BATMAN, SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN PX STATUES!

7. This Week’s Featured Games

Game of Thrones Card Game 2nd EdIn A GAME OF THRONES: THE CARD GAME, the warring factions of Westeros await your command, inviting you to engage in a life-or-death struggle. In every game, you select devious plots and challenge your opponents on the field of battle, through back alley intrigue, and in the political arena. Whether you play against a single opponent, in a game known as a joust, or engage in a battle of three or more players, called a melee, winning challenges against your opponents is the way to victory.

CHOMP consists of a specialized deck of 52 cards which depict various sea creatures on a food chain–plankton, shrimp, little fish, big fish, seal, shark. The higher the creature is on the food chain, the more types of creatures it can chomp. Creatures cannot chomp their own kind, nor can they eat anything higher up on the food chain.

8. Coming Next Week to Summit

In JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, meet the Extremists, self-proclaimed saviors from another Earth, they thirst for peace, prosperity and total submission to the will of their leader, Lord Havok! How can the newly assembled JLA stop this group of misguided maniacs before the Extremists unleash their own unique—not to mention dangerous!—brand of law and order on our chaotic world? Running from her tumultuous past, ELEKTRA attempts to lose herself in a vibrant sea of neon, noise and anonymity: Las Vegas. But how long can a former ninja assassin really hope to escape the vortex of violence that encompasses her life? Especially when there’s a new player in Sin City that has her in his sights for his newest game? Also, don’t miss BELFRY and JIM HENSON POWER OF DARK CRYSTAL.